The Melbourne Experiment – Insights for Urban Planning/Design post-COVID-19 recovery and renewal

The Melbourne Experiment – Insights for Urban Planning/Design post-COVID-19 recovery and renewal

  • 13 November 2020, 1–2.15pm
  • Free, all welcome

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Bringing together research expertise across various faculties in Monash University, the Melbourne Experiment has spent over 6 months examining key activities and elements of the urban environment before, during, and after international COVID-19 shutdowns.

Moderator: Lachlan Burke


  • Carl Grodach (Urban Planning) on challenges facing vulnerable industries and workforces
  • Naomi Pfitzner (Criminology) on “the shadow pandemic” of gender-based violence
  • Alexa Gower (Urban Design) on the impact on Melbourne’s urban form and implications for housing
  • Jane Fisher (Social Sciences) on promoting mental health and assisting recovery and restoration of social and economic functioning of the community
  • Graham Currie and Dr Taru Jain (Transport) on guiding decision-making on the ‘big build’ transport investment program

Professor Carl Grodach is Foundation Professor and Director of Urban Planning & Design at Monash University. Prof Grodach’s research areas include community and economic development, cultural planning and policy, strategic planning, and precinct-level urban revitalisation. His work is by nature interdisciplinary, focusing on issues significant across urban planning and policy, geography, sociology, and design fields.

Dr Naomi Pfitzner is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre at Monash University. Naomi completed her PhD at Melbourne University in 2016 following which she was appointed as a postdoctoral researcher with the Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance (GeVARA) at RMIT University.

Dr Alexa Gower recently completed her PhD at RMIT on high density housing regulations and the functions and limitations of planning tools to improve design quality in policy and in practice. Her thesis tested apartments in Melbourne and London to better understand the impact housing regulations had on improving resident’s liveability.

Professor Jane Fisher is Professor of Global Health, and Director of Global and Women’s Health and Head, Division of Social Sciences in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. She is an academic Clinical and Health Psychologist with longstanding interests in the social determinants of health, and healthcare participation.

Dr Taru Jain is a research fellow in Civil Engineering at Monash University, Her recent research has been in the area of care share,  bike share schemes and sustainable transport.

PIA is the Planning Institute of Australia, PIA is the national body representing planning and the planning profession. Through education, communication and professional development, it is the pivotal organisation serving and guiding thousands of planning professionals in their role of creating better communities.

This event is part of The Festival of Urbanism 7: Making better places

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