Endangered public spaces?: Encountering the people of Melbourne City Centre

Endangered public spaces?: Encountering the people of Melbourne City Centre

  • 15 September 2021, 4–5pm
  • Online

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In light of COVID pandemic effects on the urban and housing market dynamics, we draw attention to sensitive discussions about the lifestyles, cultures and histories of those who make the city their home. This encounter will welcome people living in the CBD and researchers to discuss who are the publics of this place, what is this central district, and how it is being transformed right now. Join us for a virtual neighbourhood gathering, to share your experiences with this place, while together we reflect on our community relations and perceptions about the city.

This session is organised by the Alliance for Praxis Research, a multidisciplinary collective of PhD students from RMIT and Monash University.

The Alliance for Praxis Research team:

Nicolas Guerra, PhD Candidate Monash University
Ana Lara Heyns, PhD Candidate Monash University
Zheng Chin, PhD Candidate Monash University
Rachel Iampolski, PhD Candidate RMIT University
Alexandre Faustino, PhD Candidate RMIT University.

This event is part of the Festival of Urbanism – a series of talks and conversations on planning and making our cities and regions. Brought to you by the Henry Halloran Trust with the assistance of the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, in partnership with Urban Planning and Design at Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

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