Gastronomy in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Gastronomy in the Age of Digital Reproduction

  • 1 April 2021, 6–7.30pm
  • Join via Zoom:
    Meeting ID: 818 0759 1741 and passcode: 917362

  • Online
Image: The Robot Chef by Stevne Miller at EPCOT Center under Creative Commons 2.0

Our food system has always been the product or and the driver of technology. How would emerging technologies colour the culinary culture’s future and change our professional, personal, and cultural relationships with food? Can an A.I. write decent recipes? Can robots cook as well as a chef? Would these technologies free the exploitative labour or make the exploitation more efficient? Chef and Senior Culinary Expert at Remy Robotics in Spain John Hutt will share his experience working with AI and robots and share ideas for the future of gastronomy.

Presented by Monash Design.

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