HyperSext City

HyperSext City

  • 4 March – 9 April 2021
  • Opening night: 
    Thursday 4 March, 6–8pm
    Exhibition hours:
    Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm
    Saturdays: 12–5pm
  • Tin Sheds Gallery
    148 City Road, Darlington
    Sydney, NSW

  • HyperSext City website

An interactive exhibition highlighting spatial injustice experienced by women, girls and the LGBTQI+ communities.

HyperSext City draws attention to the experiences of women, girls and the LGBTQI+ communities by representing data and intersectional narratives of gender that affect how places are accessed and occupied.

Extending Monash University XYX Lab’s ongoing local and international applied research, HyperSext City* draws attention to the experiences of women, girls and LGBTQI+ communities by representing data and intersectional narratives of gender that affect how places are accessed and occupied. By drawing together the polemics of inclusion/exclusion in urban spaces, the exhibition invites the audience/participant to contribute their own solutions and suggestions for possible futures that might mitigate spatial inequality. The exhibition is a framework that is both a receptacle and a host for conversations about, and actions for, under-represented communities. The accumulative interventions and events provide multiple ways for audiences to contribute their lived experience and/or to develop understanding and empathy.

Making gender data visible, and generating new narratives based on evidence-based research and lived experience are important tools in developing gender-sensitive approaches to design, architecture and urbanism. This exhibition reveals existing data sources globally and locally to spectacular effect. Through the multi-modal tools of crowd-sourcing, co-creation and material making, HyperSext City surfaces, activates and amplifies the voices and experiences of a diverse range of people who are not often heard.

The HyperSext Repository consists of an online, bespoke website built for and launched at this exhibition. The webpage interactively collates, documents and references data and research on gendered experiences of cities.

HyperSext City invites exhibition participants into the experience as collaborators and co-designers in order to work closely with those who currently experience spatial injustice, drawing on their experiences to co-develop solutions. The exhibition prompts discursive and material conversation about the ways in which gender and (hetero)sexism shape the spaces, behaviours and relationships in cities. Over the course of the exhibition, the existing data will be enhanced and added to, integrating the contributions of the lived experiences of women, girls and non-binary people.

A series of workshops, Q&As and panel discussions aim to encourage and empower participants to approach and understand the present and imagine desired futures by building it through focused discussion and making. The workshops will use the data and stories gathered for HyperSext City as a provocation for considering how we might intervene in public spaces to make them safer for women, girls and LGBTQI+ communities. XYX Lab collaborators (practitioners and scholars) across Australia and internationally are invited to participate in the public events and various workshops.

*The term women and by extension girls, is used as inclusive of all women, including cis-women, trans-women and intersex women. Similarly, diverse sexual and gender identities are used to recognise the experience of people who do not necessarily identify as male or female. Sexual orientation and identity are also complex designations and we recognise that the LGBTQI+ designation does not necessarily capture the diversity of experiences, interests and perspectives of individual people or communities.

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