Intermittent Waterscapes

Intermittent Waterscapes

  • 18 August 2021, 6–7pm
  • Join via Zoom: 856 6034 8796
    Meeting ID: 417680

  • Online

Join us for Tangent, a Design talk with Ivana Mirosavić.

Cities and built environments play a crucial role in facing challenges of future climate extremes. The concept of Urban Resilience is used in urban practice as a theoretical framework for creating multifunctional areas in the cities and as a tool linking architecture, urban design and urban management. Current tendencies of Urban Resilience in European practice will be illustrated through examples of robust public spaces that alternate in character and reinforce the wellbeing of people and nature.

Ivana Mirosavić, M.Sc.Arch. is an architect and researcher. Ivana studied architecture and urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade and is currently finishing her PhD thesis at the University of Bonn - Department of Eco-Hydrology and Water Resource Management. Her research focuses on the transformation of the built environment in the context of extreme rain events and the cross-disciplinary position of the architect in new urban management strategies.

Tangent Design Talk series is presented by Monash Design.

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