Kathy Temin: Mothering Garden

Kathy Temin: Mothering Garden

Image courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery is pleased to present Mothering Gardens, an exhibition of new works by Monash University Head of Fine Art Professor Kathy Temin.

Known for her large-scale indoor sculptures and installations of tree-like forms covered in synthetic fur, Temin has been creating what she refers to as monuments, memorial and garden objects since 2007. Mothering Gardens juxtaposes Temin's colossal work with her previously domestically scaled works that engage with modes of display from the home. In referring to minimal structures and to the work of other artists, such as Eva Hesse's organic minimalism or Claes Oldenburg's soft pop sculptures, Temin rehearses and reclaims late modernist history as her own. Temin's reclaiming of 20th century art history parallels a reclaiming of her family’s own history of European displacement and migration to Australia. By toying with the dichotomies of kitsch and formalism, solemnity and playfulness, Temin engages with personal and universal experiences of remembrance, loss and history.

A visual language that is distinctly her own, Temin's use of synthetic fur has enabled her to elicit the aesthetic, intellectual and emotional potential of forms through the manipulation of context and scale. Made from soft fur, her forms are reminiscent of abstracted childhood toys suggesting comfort and protection. Within the flourish of Temin's constructed fantasy, the artist plays with the duality of nature and culture, hard and soft, constructed and handmade. This exhibition celebrates mothering, childhood and the idealisation of fantasy that play conjures. It is a place that is simultaneously real and imagined. Temin's sound-absorbing fabric quiets anxieties and offers a space for reflection, respite, and ultimately optimism.

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