Photo Ideas: Control

Photo Ideas: Control


Join Melissa Miles, Associate Dean, Research, Monash Art Design & Architecture as she chairs an online panel featuring artists and educators including Larissa Hjorth, Max Houghton, and Patrick Waterhouse.

Our personal and social identities are bound up with the medium of photography, and increasingly with social media. Just as photographs of our past tell us who we are, we can use photographs to question stereotypes and share our own truths. An international panel will explore who controls how we are documented and defined. How has the democratisation of photography through digital technology and social media shifted power structures, and in whose hands is photography used as a tool for control? If social media amplifies this ongoing process of self-creation, what are some of its implications on our individual and collective identities? Can photography be a tool to convey truthful narratives, based on authentic experience and genuine desires, or is it inevitably a process of (self)deception, distortion and manipulation?

Photo Ideas is a series of online symposiums as part of the Photo 2021 and presented in partnership with RMIT School of Art and Monash Gallery of Art.

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