reFrame: The Seven Grandfathers Teachings as an Indigenous design process

reFrame: The Seven Grandfathers Teachings as an Indigenous design process

  • 30 March 2021, 10am – 12pm
  • online

Free, RSVP here

Presented by Monash Design.

This 2-hour Indigenous co-design workshop scaffolds how design frames and reframes a situation to support Indigenous knowledge systems and support the work of imagining new tomorrows and today such as decolonising and Indigenising design.

This approach does not focus in solving problems but harness opportunities such as Indigenous knowledges and values. The key is that designers must make our best efforts to understand the larger social and physical context within which designs are intended to function. Only as this knowledge is manifested, can it be considered knowledge in any real sense. The process is:

  • Define with Wisdom
  • Research & Analyse with Respect
  • Ideate with Courage
  • Select with Honesty
  • Implement with Love
  • Evaluate with Humility
  • Repeat for Truth


  • Dr Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga Chamula (Mayan), Nahuatl (Aztec) and Euskaldunak (Basque) heritage. Lecturer and Unit coordinator of Indigenous Research methods and member of Wominjeka Djeembana Lab and Monash Art, Design and Architecture.
  • Howard Munroe, Red River Métis from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is an Assistant Professor and the Chair of Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

This event is one of a series of workshops and panels that form reFrame: The Evolving Practice of Design hosted by Monash Design and part of Melbourne Design Week 2021 including:

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reFrame: Envisioning Healthcare
reFrame: Weaving Indigenous Perspectives in Design
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The urgent, complex social challenges we face call for design to do more than increase profit margins and solve problems. Design must draw on its transformative potential to imagine anew the places where we live, work, learn and play. Over four days the design research labs of Monash University will reframe how we think about futures; mobility, climate, education and healthcare and reframe how we act creatively; through Indigenous knowing, co-designing and augmented realities. Through a series of workshops and discussions researchers, practitioners and the public will together explore ways we can productively amplify the social impact of design.

reFrame is part of Melbourne Design Week 2021, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

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