• 16 September 2021, 10am – 3pm
  • Online

Free, register here

Our current times of intersecting crises provide many ways to answer this question. Join us for a free public lecture and design workshop that aims to create a space to sit with, make with, and understand our emotional responses to the climate emergency so that we can cultivate the agency required to face such complex challenges.

  • 10–11am: Lecture: “Mobility and media engagement” by Julian O’Shea
    Julian O’Shea is an engineer, educator and design researcher exploring new forms of sustainable transport - from solar kick scooters, to micro electric vehicles. He is the CEO and Founder of Unbound and leads global study tours across Asia and the Pacific (when there's not a pandemic). These days he shares educational videos about design, cities and Melbourne on his YouTube channel.
  • 11am – 1pm: Workshop: “How are you feeling?” hosted by Monash's Melisa Duque and Ilya Fridman
    Melisa Duque is a Research Fellow at the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at MADA in Monash University - working in the areas of design for healthcare and wellbeing, emerging technologies and sustainability. Her work sits at the intersection of Everyday Design, Participatory and Design Anthropology.
    Ilya Fridman is a designer, maker, researcher and educator. Through his engagement with Monash University’s Mobility Design Lab, Ilya’s work explores how emerging technologies may be leveraged to address environmental impact and passenger experience in the area of public transportation.
  • 2–3pm: Lecture “Reimagine Waste” by Amanda Morgan
    In this talk, Amanda will discuss the opportunities for circular design practices through collaboration with Fungi. Amanda Morgan is a biotech designer and the co-founder of Fungi Solutions. She leads the Research and Development of Fungi Cultures to tackle challenges of waste management, pollution and ecosystem rehabilitation through circular design practices. Our aim is to foster collaborative partnerships that create health and abundance, bringing natural and societal systems into balance.

This event is a part of Diversity and Inclusion Week and is a collaboration between Design Fringe and Monash Design.

Monash Art, Design and Architecture has partnered with the Design Fringe to explore big questions. As part of the program a small group of emerging student designers will interrogate design problems that matter and that explore a range of issues related to diversity and inclusion. Students will work collaboratively, in small groups and intensively over the course of a 1-week immersive program to response to social problems that concern and are submitted by the public. These problems will relate to Design Fringe’s key focus areas: disability access, sustainability, gender equity, and First Nations. Work will be exhibited in a digital exhibition at the end of the program.

As part of the Melbourne Fringe, the Design Fringe celebrates innovation across design of all kinds. This Diversity and Inclusion project is seen to be a centrepiece of the new Design Fringe program, creating space for cross-disciplinary collaboration and conceptual development, and for addressing key areas in which design can address societal change.

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