Endangered Urban Spaces: Industrial Lands in Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney

Endangered Urban Spaces: Industrial Lands in Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney

  • 17 September 2021, 2.45–3.45pm
  • Online

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Cities across Australia have rezoned a significant amount of urban industrial land, arguing that these areas are underutilized and better repurposed for new housing and office space. Yet planners, policymakers, and urban activists are rediscovering the diverse functions and roles of industrial zones in maintaining a resilient, inclusive, and creative city.

Join this panel discussion on the present and future of industrial lands and their contribution Australian urbanism.


  • Jeremy Gill (SGS Economics and Planning)
    Jeremy Gill is a Principal and Partner at consulting firm SGS Economics and Planning. Jeremy is an expert in employment land, precinct and centres strategy and has worked with a number of State government agencies in NSW and local governments across NSW and Victoria to provide advice on land use strategy and economic development. His work on employment land strategy focuses on understanding the importance of their supply chains roles, locational and operational requirements and their critical role in the wider economy.
  • Dr Xin Gu (Cultural and Creative Industries, Monash University)
    Dr Xin Gu is an Expert appointed by UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Expression of Cultural Diversity (2019-2022). She was director of the Master of Cultural and Creative Industries at Monash University in Australia (2018-2019). She has published widely on urban creative clusters and agglomerations, cultural work, creative entrepreneurship, cultural and creative industries policy, media cities, maker culture and cyberculture. Her recent publications include Red Creatives and Re-imagining Creative Cities in Twenty-First Century Asia.
  • Associate Professor Mirjana Lozanovska (Associate Professor and Director Architecture Vacancy Lab, Deakin University)
    Mirjana Lozanovska is Associate Professor in architecture and Director of the Architecture Vacancy Lab at Deakin University. Mirjana leads a collaborative architecture-art team on Vacant Geelong (2015 >), supported by Arts Victoria, CoGG and the National Wool Museum. She is investigating BHP Steelworks, Port Kembla (current ARC discovery project). Her books include Migrant Housing: Architecture, Dwelling, Migration (2019), Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration (2016), and Iconic Industry (2017).
  • Mark Woodland, Director Eschelon Planning, Melbourne)
    Mark Woodland is a Director and Co-founder of Echelon Planning. He has held public and private sector roles across Australia’s planning and development sector for over 30 years. Mark has expertise in regional-scale strategic planning as well as precinct scale masterplanning, property and development advice. He has developed a particular expertise and interest in emerging industry and employment trends, and their implications for the future planning of cities.


  • Prof Carl Grodach (Urban Planning and Design, Monash University)
    Prof Carl Grodach is Foundation Professor and Director of Urban Planning and Design at Monash University. His work focuses on urban manufacturing economies and how planning mechanisms shape industry development, interaction, and change.

This event is part of the Festival of Urbanism – a series of talks and conversations on planning and making our cities and regions. Brought to you by the Henry Halloran Trust with the assistance of the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, in partnership with Urban Planning and Design at Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

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