Form x Content

Form x Content

  • 11 August – 13 October 2021

Form x Content is a mix of free live and online events featuring the voices of renowned First Nations, Australian and international artists, designers, architects, curators and academics. The program is delivered every Wednesday lunchtime during Monash University teaching semesters, with a mix of live and online sessions broadcast on the big screen at Monash Caulfield and Clayton campus.

Form x Content engages with the ideas, histories, sites and critical questions of our time. The Semester 1 program focused on sustainability, collaboration and the ways in which First Nations artists centre Country in their practices. Semester 2 will explore ideas of disruption and resilience, together with queer perspectives on artistic practice and urban space.

Form x Content Presented by Monash Art, Design and Architecture, programmed by Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA.

Semester 2: Queering, Disruption, Resilience

Note: We’ve had to postpone until 2022 our 6 October talk with Bus Projects, Liquid Architecture and West Space. Our final Form x Content talk this year will be 13 October: Artist Shen Xin and Curator Susan Gibb in conversation.

Semester 1: Collaboration, Country, Sustainability

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