Future Hospital GRIP Workshop

Future Hospital GRIP Workshop

  • 13 October 2021, 3–4.30pm
  • Online
  • Open to Monash University academics

Join via Zoom

You are invited to attend a workshop planning the upcoming Future Hospital GRIP. The GRIP brings together an interdisciplinary team to investigate what Future Hospital means in a time of innovation, change and disruption.

Healthcare delivery is rapidly evolving and we need to design the ‘Future Hospital’ as a new space, function and service.

Professor Daphne Flynn, Director, Monash Design Health Collab
  • Who is the future patient and what are their needs?
  • What is needed to create a new hospital experience?
  • How can new and emerging technologies best become part of the future of patient care and healthcare work?
  • How will consumer-driven care transform the way we design for our future health needs?
  • How are we responding to changes in remote and distributed care, supported by emerging technologies?
  • How is the acquisition and use of personal and big data informing models of care?
  • How might emerging practices in precision and personalized medicine, machine learning and robotics impact on the ways that hospitals deliver care?
  • How can we design a user-centred experience of healthcare for healthcare workers, patients and their families?

Hospitals have been at the epicentre of health care for centuries, underpinned by a model of centralized specialist care delivered to patients. New medical technologies, changing clinical expertise and medical specializations have forced hospital retrofits and bolted on features rather than a holistic re-design based on the patient experience and the needs of health care staff.

This is compounded by changes in healthcare delivery models, personalised and precision medicine and the emergence of machine learning in diagnosis and treatment. The future hospital is a distributed system in which the patient is at the centre of an ecosystem of care that operates across many scales including devices, spaces, architectures and systems.

Incremental change will not deliver the transformation required to meet the demographic, technological, environmental and consumer changes that are now upon us.

We propose to deliver transformational impact for Australian healthcare. We will bring together an interdisciplinary team of leading Monash academic leaders, researchers, and PhD researchers working with government, public and private sector stakeholders to rethink and redesign the Future Hospital.

A new approach for the hospital must appreciate how patients, staff and visitors might work in and use hospital places and services in future environments shared with as-yet-unknown machines, devices and modes of communication.

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