Architectural media, representations and photography

We have a group of academics within MADA who are investigating roles for photography in shaping how we understand the built environment and are seeking PhD candidates interested in pursuing related topics.

Globally, understanding of buildings and cities are shaped by the production, dissemination and reception of photographic representations, which are the most common media for experiencing architecture. This field of research is rich and emerging as technologies of photographic production and distribution have, and continue to, evolve and as fluid meanings and roles of images continue to be negotiated and transformed. Images mediate what we see and how we know about buildings and places. Architectural images are also central instruments in the discursive construction of the discipline, from the past photos that form the foundation of our institutional history books to the contemporary flood of popular images circulating through social media platforms. However, photographs are never neutral or singular. They represent particular ecologies, modes of cultural production and perspectives. They also provide both records and interpretive critical framing of the built environment.

There is broad scope for PhD research in this area which can be defined in dialogue with supervisors and may include varied aspects of photography ranging from the contributions of individual photographers to media outlets for architectural photography to particular editorial regimes to debates over photographic approaches or commercial and cultural contributions to investigations of the roles for and implications of photography in the production and mediation of the built environment.

Supervision will be provided drawing on diverse expertise across the faculty.