VR as cultural practice

How to apply


  • Dr Vince Dziekan
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Professor Jon McCormack
  • Dr Tom Chandler

Contemporary filmmakers and visual artists alike are embracing the potential of immersive digital technology – such as Augmented and Virtual Reality – to tell stories in powerful, new and affective ways. By effectively breaking the dictatorship of the frame that has defined the representational form of the moving image for the past 150 years, VR introduces a new paradigm for cinematic expression and viewing experience. This challenge marks a transformational moment in the evolution in the craft of “immersive storytelling”.

We invite creative practitioners (media artists, creative technologists, content producers) wishing to extend their studio practice by engaging deeply and experimentally with these immersive image technologies to propose projects that will be undertaken through practice-based research resulting in creative outcomes (artworks, film screenings, installations) that seek to define the language of these media forms and stretch their narrative and experiential parameters beyond the cinematic frame to cinematographic space.

Projects in this research area may have a formal relationship to Sensilab. (Nb. To be determined on a case by case basis as part of the expression-of-interest and application process.)

Skillset/pre-requisites: Artist, Designer, Media producer, Creative technologist, Digital software/systems developer