Travelling studios

Take your classroom out into the world.


My favourite moments were those that I wouldn’t have been able to experience myself. These experiences included the meetings with local architects, the private tours of buildings and the towns away from the typical tourist route - Jamie Danino, Master of Architecture, Japan 2017 and France/Italy 2015

Each year the Departments of Architecture and Design offer 2nd year students the opportunity to participate in travelling studios to overseas destinations. The studios are organised by academic staff and are generally offered each year, and destinations vary.

Travelling studios provide an opportunity to experience study in the context of another culture, and build contacts and networks.

Travelling with staff and fellow students in small groups, you'll follow a set curriculum working on industry projects and visiting partner institutions. You'll also have some time free to see the sights.

Architecture students have participated in studios in China, South America, Europe and Japan. Design students have travelled to Japan and Korea. Information is available through your Course Coordinator.

The Samsung Museum was really cool. I'd never used virtual reality before so it was very exciting - Stephanie Dimofski, Bachelor of Design, Japan and South Korea 2017