Why study at MADA?

Why study at MADA?

Immerse yourself in a bold and creative community of artists, designers and architects, where you’re encouraged to question, explore, analyse and challenge.

You’ll be inspired to take action, encouraged to bring your ideas to life and respond to the important challenges of our time.

Guided by globally renowned academics, you’ll be part of an energetic and innovative culture, learning alongside motivated students and staff who’ll nurture, challenge and encourage you to achieve your best.

You’ll learn how to combine creativity with critical thinking to find tangible, measurable solutions to complex problems, and be part of a creative community that strives towards making the future possible.

From shaping the built environment, to designing a life-saving health device or travel app, to creating an artwork that comments on the world we live in, you’ll gain the know-how and hands‑on skills to see your vision come to life.

You’ll study in dynamic and progressive studio learning environments that will build your knowledge and creative thinking while allowing you to develop strong technical skills and abilities.

You’ll graduate from Monash with confidence to make a positive change on a local and global scale, and to make an impact on the world around you.