Angela Di Fronzo, Splitting | Image : What Lies Within

5-11 July 2017

This research project explores the development of Angela Di Fronzo’s arts practice, with specific focus on the visual symbol of the crack and its underlying significance in literary and psychoanalytic terms. Of key importance is the discussion of the interface between the conscious and unconscious minds, and the concept of internal “splitting”. This area of psychoanalytic theory is shown to hold great potential in relation to the creative arts. The sources explored in the exegesis unveil direct connections to the theme of splitting, which is made manifest through examples taken from literature, film, theatre and the visual arts. The writing process itself became intimately connected with Angela’s studio work, and both outcomes form an essential collaborative conversation. The research led to a new body of work exploring the phenomenon of Craquelure found in Old Master paintings, and its metaphorical connection to the process of psychological fragmentation, loss and repair. The exhibition captures the essence of the project in a minimal installation, reflecting the transformation from crack to scar through the mediums of film and painting.

This exhibition comprises the practical component of Angela Di Fronzo’s PhD research.

MADA Gallery is currently undergoing renovation. SPLITTING | IMAGE : What Lies Within will be on exhibition at the Caulfield Campus, Building B, B6.27.

Angela Di Fronzo, Splitting
film still