Stephen Nurse, Simple Leaning Trikes

30 January - 2 February 2017

An exhibition of leaning trikes built by MADA Master of Design (by research) candidate Stephen Nurse.

The trikes use simple technology and aim to be appealing in terms of appearance and ability to customise, and useful in terms of being low cost, load-carrying, light-weight and aerodynamic. On all trikes, the seat slides to adjust for rider leg length and can be removed to simplify storage and transport. Some trikes have splitting frames which simplify storage and transport.

The trikes are designed for DIY and use standard items including aluminium extrusions, new and upcycled bicycle parts, office supplies, corflute and cloth material. As well, they use bespoke 3d printed parts, custom cut plywood timber and aluminium castings. Bespoke parts are made in simple, single-step processes for reuse or recycling.

Six trikes were built for the research and four are on display. Steve rode the trikes 12,000km during the research, averaging 20km/day.

MADA Gallery is currently undergoing renovation. Simple Leaning Trikes will be on exhibition at the Caulfield Campus, Building F, F.13.