Robot and students join forces to build Caulfield Sound Shell

A Sound Shell comprising more than 12,000 unique pieces and made using robotic fabrication was launched during the Twilight on the Green event at Caulfield campus, 12 October 2015.

The Sound Shell, a bespoke and multi-purpose performance space, is the latest Design - Make project from Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA), and has been made by students from the Department of Architecture in collaboration with Kassel University in Germany.

Dr Tim Schork, who led the project, said the unique structure comprised thousands of individual pieces of timber and Corian using robotic fabrication, which uses a robot to cut and make parts.

“Robotic fabrication is growing in Australia, and it’s important that students in architecture learn new technologies – the students have worked hard to design and construct a real-world architectural project,” Dr Schork said.

“Working with Kassel University has also brought freshness to the way we teach and practise architecture here, and vice versa, it is a project that has been made by students, for students.”

Dr Schork said the project called for true collaboration across cultures, disciplines and skillsets.

The Sound Shell, on the Caulfield Campus Green, will provide a space for a range of activities, from music and theatre performances, to dance displays and film screenings.