Monash Architecture receives Award for Excellence in Innovation

Photo from left to right: Peter Breen (e2designLab), Markus Jung (Monash Architecture), Shan Zou (e2designLab), Cheryl Batagol (Chair EPA Victoria and CRCWSC), Tony Wong (CRCWSC), Jianbin Wang (CRCWSC), Jon Shinkfield (REALMstudios)

'The Kunshan projects are an innovative exemplar, creatively combining transdisciplinary education, research and practice.’ (Markus Jung)

Monash Architecture was presented with an Award for Excellence in Innovation by the Minister for Science and Innovation in Canberra as part of their work with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. The strategic inputs of the transdisciplinary Kunshan studio projects were recognized in the award as a significant contributor to Kunshan’s future development towards liveability and wellbeing.

The award is for outstanding examples of the transfer of research results, knowledge and technologies that have been developed for a wide range of users of research, including the community, companies and government agencies. This award is in recognition of the Kunshan studio works in support of transforming the City of Kunshan in China into a water sensitive city over a 3-year period of partnerships amongst CRCWSC participants in China and Australia.

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