MADA graduates win with The Design Kids

Image: Dominique Vine, Abbotsford Convent × Globelight, 2017

Four MADA graduates are amongst the just-announced winners at The Design Kids 2017 TDK Awards.

Their works were selected from over 700 entries received from students and graduates all over the world. For the first time, it was a truly global competition, with this year’s judges coming from established and upcoming agencies from Madrid to Kansas City, and everywhere in-between.

Dominique Vine’s work included a proposed rebranding of Melbourne’s iconic Abbotsford Convent. Judges noted the “overall strength through-out the book was typography”.

Leanne Gu included website design amongst her portfolio, which was “fun and intellectual – qualities rarely found in the same room together,” according to TDK judges.

Samantha Allen’s fashion publication, created as part of her studies at MADA, was singled out for its “sophistication, attention to detail, [and] exquisite editorial approach.”

While Zoe Hu presented works in a variety of mediums, from packaging design to short film, each one with “solid typography, good conceptual work, good motion graphics and illustration.”

With so many entries, and only 30 winners selected, to have MADA students and graduates so well represented amongst the winners is a fantastic achievement.

The Design Kids aims to be an online resource for young graphic designers, presenting career advice, industry publications and blogs of interest, and directories of agencies and opportunities in cities around the world. Visit their website at

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