Sexual harassment experiences highlighted in Australian exhibit at Venice Biennale satellite show

“Just so f***ing beautiful” – Venice Architecture Biennale satellite show to present work by MADA’s Nicole Kalms and Gene Bawden that aims to highlights women’s experience of sexual harassment in cities:

The work is based on feedback from a participant in a recent study into Melbourne’s urban spaces. The participant reported having the phrase whispered to her by a passerby while walking through the city.

Nicole explains, “Architecture and design directly impact how people experience cities and public spaces. These experiences can be inspiring and uplifting, or isolating and terrifying. As this work shows, the impact of the built environment and our experiences stay with us long after we have left.

“Architects, designers, town planners and the community more broadly have the ability – and responsibility – to ensure our cities and spaces consider the perspectives and safety of all users.”