Experts helping to Develop Net Zero Precincts

Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) experts are proud to be part of the Net Zero Precincts initiative - an Australia Research Council Linkage program which brings an interdisciplinary approach to decarbonising our cities and urban precincts.

The project, led by Professor Rob Raven from the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, forms one of the key commitments in a new MoU between Monash University and renewable energy company ENGIE and includes three Chief Investigators from MADA.

Associate Professor Selby Coxon, Director of the Mobility Design Lab; Professor Sarah Pink, Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab; and Associate Professor Peter Graham from the Department of Architecture will all contribute as Chief Investigators to look at how we can decarbonise our energy systems.

They’ll work with a multidisciplinary team from across the University to develop a living lab at Monash University Clayton campus and the Monash Technology Precinct. Here, they will experiment with new governance, community engagement and design approaches to enable decarbonisation across energy, mobility and buildings and systematically apply their findings in a scalable live setting.

Associate Professor Selby Coxon states: “The Net Zero Precincts project is a central piece of work in the Monash / ENGIE MoU which will help the University to develop a pathway to reach our Net Zero target. But we also see a great opportunity to model and drive much broader change in the way people move around our towns and cities and how we transition to decarbonised communities - leveraging design to encourage behaviour change around transport needs, building and planning.”

Design is a key mitigation strategy for achieving our net zero goals and Monash Art, Design and Architecture is looking forward to contributing our expertise.

Associate Professor Selby Coxon

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