Monash team designing self-screening security portal for airports globally

Concept illustration owned by Micro-X Limited.

The Monash Design Health Collab team are working with partners to deliver a self-screening security portal for the US Department of Homeland Security.

The new multi-million dollar project, led by ASX listed Micro-X, will transform the way passengers are screened at airports and enable touchless, automated screening to reduce bottlenecks and mitigate COVID and other infectious disease transmission.

The integrated portal will bring together passenger verification, health screening, security, baggage and other readings, to improve user experience and efficiency in domestic airport settings globally.

Design Health Collab will research and design the future passenger and workflow experience in collaboration with other labs from Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

XYX Lab, led by Nicole Kalms will lead Gender Safety and the Mobility Design Lab, led by Selby Coxon, will provide expertise in passenger flow and transportation.

The Monash team are recognised as world leaders in human centred industrial design and their approach will ensure that human factors are embedded from concept development through to prototypes and implementation.

“We are delighted to be working with Micro-X who recognise that a great passenger experience is central to the success of the future of airport security screening,” said Professor Daphne Flynn, Director of the Design Health Collab.

The Monash team have previously worked with Micro-X on the development of a portable CT Scanner for life saving stroke diagnosis in emergency and remote settings.

Read a detailed interview on the self-screening security project with Micro-X Chief Scientist Brian Gonzales here.

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