Announcing the winner of the 2022 Monash Design Prize

Photo: Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Huge congratulations to Nicholas Reed, the winner of our inaugural Monash Design Prize!

The Monash Design Prize is a competition for highschoolers in Years 10-12 and this year, we asked them to address any challenge through design.. From sustainability and climate action through to social equity and healthy communities, students could work in any format; a poster campaign, product design, interior or public space, or wearable device. The choice was entirely up to the students.

About the winning entry

Nicholas Reed

The winning design by Nicholas Reed. Photo: Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Nicholas constructed an amazing prototype that repurposed old, disused bike parts to create a unique piece of playground equipment for communities that lack access to such facilities.

Associate Professor Gene Bawden, Head of the Department of Design, said "Nicholas addressed sustainability, health and social inclusion in one powerful piece of design.”

“Receiving the Monash Design Prize acknowledges the creativity of the design and the contribution it makes toward a better, more sustainable future. We look forward to seeing more of Nicholas’ work in the years to come.”

We also would like to congratulate the commendations:

Anin Kuriakose

Highly Commended in the 2022 Monash Design Prize

Hazel Di Muccio

Highly Commended in the 2022 Monash Design Prize

At Monash we’re committed to ensuring our design practice contributes to the essential change the world needs as we transition towards a more sustainable, equitable and desirable long-term future. Whether it’s through our teaching or the work of our research labs, Monash Design, designs for good.

A/Prof Bawden commented on the up-and-coming design community saying, "it was very exciting to see such well-considered and impactful design solutions emerging from our budding design community currently still in high school.”

“Across all the entries we saw thoughtful solutions to address food waste, environmental sustainability and human and planetary wellbeing. The Monash Design Prize has revealed that our future designers already understand — and possess — the power to generate positive change."

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