Designing Affordable, Sustainable Housing (DASH)

High-quality, innovative architecture and urban design provides great living places.


Funded by

  • The Office of the Victorian Government Architect
  • The Department of Planning and Community Development
  • The Department of Human Services (Office of Housing)

A primary aim of the DASH project was to investigate the optimization of environmentally sustainable design within an affordable building program as a unified project outcome.

Diego Ramirez-Lovering

While numerous policies and strategies outline the increasing need for affordable and sustainable housing, there are few practical examples that demonstrate how this can be achieved by the market. DASH provided new viable housing models for both consumers and developers that add long-term quality to the urban environment. As well as providing specific and practical insights to aid industry and government in their efforts to improve provision, the project highlighted the need for a fully integrated approach to housing provision. The research demonstrates to government, developers and ultimately home buyers the contribution that architectural design can make in achieving environmentally and socially sustainable outcomes, as well as producing both enriching and inspirational urban form.