Abhinav Vidyarthi

Abhinav Vidyarthi

Abhinav Vidyarthi

Department of Design

Supporting the creation of ‘smart’ roads and pavements and their interface with road users.

We have long been familiar with the inclusion of intelligent systems into our vehicles but are less familiar with how the role of our roads and pavements could be enhanced to provide a safer and more efficient environment. The Smart Pavements ARC has enabled the Mobility Design Lab to investigate and develop ideas for fascinating interactions between the vehicle and the road.

A/Prof Selby Coxon, Director the Mobility Design Lab

Transport is undergoing major transformations brought about by both an urgency to address decarbonisation and the rapid development of a digitally connected urban landscape. These issues combine in the SPARC Hub research project where design methodologies are used to explore the possibilities for a digitally enhanced road and pavement system to interface with road users providing greater safety, navigation and efficiency.

The project is three years long and experts to deliver an exciting window on the future of our cities by 2023.

Undertaken with

  • Partner organisation

    • Melbourne Water Authority
    • Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)
  • Funded by

    • Australian Research Council