Alexandra McRobert

Photo by Alexandra McRobert on Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship: USA Williams Estates and Peppermint Woods, MD

PhD ARC: An approach to holistic knowledge in improving housing affordability utilising prefabricated construction.

PhD candidate

  • Alexandra McRobert


Partner organisations

  • CampH Melbourne University
  • Rockend
  • Precision Housing
  • Modulum

Funded by

  • IARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacture of Prefabricated Housing

Considering all aspects of housing development allows a more holistic view of housing affordability and the role which prefabricated construction can play.

Alexandra McRobert

This project investigates the issue of compartmentalisation of knowledge within the academic and professional discourse on housing affordability, and proposes a new framework for integrating fields of knowledge to provide a map for housebuilding companies to provide more holistic approaches to improving housing affordability, with particular focus on companies utilising prefabricated construction.

Employing a design research methodology, this project integrates and synthesises the concepts surrounding housing affordability from various fields of knowledge including design, construction, development, finance, land use, planning, and policy, to establish the need for a more integrative approach to the production of housing.

As part of this Research Project, a Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship is also being completed on the manufactured housing industry as an affordable housing typology.

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