Brad Webb

Examining how colonisation and Trans-generational trauma has created a lost generation.

Masters (by research) candidate

  • Brad Webb


In healing, people’s Trauma Stories, become the centrepiece for social healing action, where the storyteller is the teacher and the listener is the student or learner.

Professor Judy Atkinson, 2012

My research demonstrates this through the introduction of my own lived experience and the lived experience of participants who have contributed through yarning’s connects this relationality.

The methodological approach proposes that there are similarities between Aboriginal people’s lived experiences. This is the relational Trans-generational connection that has been passed on from generation to generation, which has led to a lost generation of Aboriginal people.

The research is practice led which attempts to assert, through artistic practice and exegesis, the various issues that come with this “lost generation”. The aim is to demonstrate how these issues are, in fact, intergenerational and can be articulated in visual form. It is the visual that also connects us to established understandings of Aboriginality and culture.