Cate Consandine

Cut Colony

PhD candidate

  • Cate Consandine

My doctoral research investigates the language of desire and its relationship to my sculptural practice. Engaging sculpture through video, performance and objects, my studio process has explored the relationship between vision and desire; core to this, is my interest in the metaphor of the eye and how I see the condition of a tactile gaze as analogous to desire. My research has evolved from a process of investigation into the body and performance and its reclamation through manipulated video loops. These interventions act as spatial engagement with landscape and body, explored through a number of strategies using the eye as the mechanical and metaphoric device.

The work presented for exhibition Cut Colony comprises two high definition videos, each with mastered sound. The first video presents a female dancer performing a fouetté in the desert landscape. The second depicts two young men standing thigh deep in the waters of an inland desert lake. Focusing on the position of the colonial body in the Australian landscape, this installation explores the complexities and constructions of desire that are bound to its forms.