Cherine Fahd

Hiding from the camera for the camera

PhD candidate

  • Cherine Fahd

Hiding from the camera for the camera investigates the complex and playful interchange between photographer and subject in photographic self-portraiture. Across three bodies of work titled Camouflage 2013, Plinth Piece 2014 and Shadowing Portraits 2014-2015, the artist-subject performs and invents more and more complex strategies for hiding from the camera.

In Camouflage the artist reveals bits and pieces of her body parts through torn holes in paper. In Plinth Piece she seemingly hides behind modeling clay to transform herself into a sculpture on a plinth. While in Shadowing Portraits the artist has photographed fifteen well-known photographers such as Julie Rrap, William Yang, Anne Ferran and Anne Zahalka. These function as both portraits and self-portraits as she is once again present but hidden from view, using her subjects bodies to shield her appearance.