David Walker

Drawing Music Aesthetica: A Personalized Technique

PhD candidate

  • David Walker

At the beginning of the project I wanted to develop a style of painting that could articulate general experiences of music. However, through my research I also became interested in a codified method of drawing. Straight forward concepts of set theory have been appropriated for artistic purposes. Predictable sets of rules structure the language of my visual imagery. My drawing structures can be summarized – through notation. A method of notating my responses to music changed the way I think about art.

My interest in notation and procedural invention corresponds with an interest in intertextuality and new perceptions of literacy. I have developed my work – through a multiplicity of textual concepts. I have used a productive ambiguity of research intentions (practical, theoretical and historical) to drive my research. The written exegesis explains the philosophical underpinnings of my visual research.