Fiona Murphy

Base Processes

PhD candidate

  • Fiona Murphy

‘Base processes’ describes complex movements, cycles and forces underlying nature. The immersive art installations Reef Lab and Melt are visualizations of ocean environments as if seen for the first time. These ‘sculptural assemblages’ make complex ocean processes tangible and evoke the ‘other worldliness’ of environments impacted by climate change phenomena.

Reef Lab expresses the processes of growth, fragmentation and decay. I visualize underwater phenomena through movement. A video projected over colorful forms implies a vital living reef. However, white forms and a lab reference coral bleaching and ocean acidification.

Melt is an installation that evokes global warming processes through fragmented iceberg–like sculptures. This installation creates a visual tension between the actual ‘stillness’ in my sculptures and the implied dissolution as a poetic interplay between stillness and motion.

I work with foundational elements of life: clay, water, glass and fire combine in transformative processes through my studio practice.