Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez

Designing cities where safety is the centre of road transport.

PhD candidate

  • Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez



Partner organisation

  • Victoria Department of Transport

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Towards Zero

The creation of liveable cities where good quality of life quality allows people achieve their potential requires built environments to not only be functional, but also to support a multiplicity of activities in society. One of the crucial components of this environment is the street network.

With the objective of creating roads that meet the increasing needs of people and businesses, the Victoria Department of Transport is adopting the Movement and Place (M&P) framework.

M&P is an approach to designing cities that recognises streets have a place function, besides movement. This way, diverse activities are now considered in the network development, enriching the traditional process that focused mainly on motorised vehicles.

The framework takes into account the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, while assessing the dynamics of a street. It consists of four modules that allow planners improve key attributes, and a classification matrix that weights activity intensity of the movement and place dymanics, creating street families.

In the national context, the Safe System approach to road safety frames the strategy to reduce the number of crash victims. In Victoria the Towards Zero strategy follows this approach and aims at reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries, creating safer roads, and protecting people on the streets, regardless of their transport mode.

This research explores the integration of the M&P framework with the Safe System in Victoria, and its impact in the creation of liveable cities.