Keg de Souza

Co-creating space for learning about place.

PhD candidate

  • Keg de Souza


Funded by

  • Monash Graduate Excellence Scholarship (MGES)

This research proposes new ways of learning about place through complex social, political and environmental challenges we face, using art as a mode of enquiry.

Keg de Souza

This research explores co-creating spaces for pedagogy about Place by investigating how temporary architecture can play a crucial role in transforming social interactions into political and aesthetic experiences for knowledge exchange in contemporary art.

Temporary architecture is explored as a framing device functioning in delineating space that is co-created for place-based learning over food that prioritises First Nations knowledge systems and marginalised voices. This research seeks to demonstrate that this form of art practice, can deepen engagement with Place by producing a dialogical relationship and relationality between people, Place and practice through a situated experience.