Kimba Thompson

Kimba Thompson

Kimba Thompson

Department of Fine Art

Creating an independent gallery for First Nations Artists and World Indigenous Cultures.

[Blak Dot Gallery] creates safe spaces for conversations, interactions and exchanges between people of different cultural backgrounds through a range of art practises. Challenging stereotypes of what it is to be both indigenous and an arts practitioner.

Kirsten Lyttle, in her article ‘Holding space: the importance of Blak Artist Run Incentive’s (from a brown girl’s perspective)’

This research project proposes to investigate existing colonial structures that have defined and constructed how Indigenous ways of knowing are displayed in gallery spaces.

Through examining and presenting Blak Dot Gallery as an alternate way of looking at display practices, I argue that Blak Dot Gallery can be used as an exemplar to reconfigure and disrupt existing colonial display and curatorial practices.

The purpose of this research is to provide a platform from my own immersive lived experience to other spaces to use in their plight for self-definition and self-determination.

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