Mikel DC Moss

The Healing Stage: A Practice-led Exploration of a New Dramatherapeutic Assessment and Approach for ‘colonized Other’ Communities.

PhD candidate

  • Mikel DC Moss


Funded by

  • American Australian Association Arts Fund

It is not weariness
That bows me down,
But sudden nearness
To song without sound.

Langston Hughes

The goal of this research is to explore the value of drama based therapy with youth from ‘colonized Other’ communities in a practice-led structure, to put drama based therapies on a firmer evidence base within colonized Other communities, and to contribute to the evidence for effectiveness of the Sanford Meisner based approach to drama therapy.

Arts have existed in a myriad of ways in every culture and community on this planet. Utilisation of the arts as an alternative or in addition to the talking therapy for symptom relief has long been established as a credible set of modalities in which participants find relief from mental health issues, particularly for youth. Much is written on what to consider when utilising these modalities within ‘colonized Other’ communities, as well as the intersection of youth in Arts Therapies.

Research on the effectiveness of Arts Therapies approaches within these communities is scarce. Within Dramatherapy, it is non-existent. Where are the Arts Therapies?

My work outlines the paucity of the literature in this area through a systematic review of the literature. This is the first systematic review assessing the effectiveness of Arts Therapies on youth in ‘colonized Other’ communities. To further redress this scarcity, a new culturally relevant, mixed-methods pilot intervention, assessment tool and research protocol will be developed and researched.