Mitali Kedia

Mitali Kedia

Mitali Kedia

Department of Design

Introducing urban design qualities to improve the physical and functional dimension of cycling infrastructure.

When you invest in a designer chair, table, or lamp, you take care of it. Why should it be any different with a comprehensive network of bicycle infrastructure? Keep it clean, polished, and beautiful. Cherish it. Design is seductive, and design also possesses great power—the power to change human behaviour, no less.

Mikael Colville-Andersen (Copenhagenize)

The research builds on the premise that for long the research on urban design cycling has been focussed on functional aspects of cycling, while the vitality, experiential and qualitative dimensions have been overlooked.

The project looks into how can urban design improve friendliness of bicycle infrastructure by adding the qualitative dimension to cycling infrastructure in order to increase cycling in Melbourne.

The project aims to create a new design in the form of physical artefact to create a new bicycle friendly infrastructure measure within Melbourne.

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