Mohaimeen Islam

Mohaimeen Islam

Mohaimeen Islam

Department of Architecture

Integrating Computational Design and Digital Fabrication Strategies in Mass Timber Construction (MTC) for Mass Customization in the House Building Industry.

Advancements in Mass Timber Construction, through automated off-site manufacturing processes, can contribute delivering sustainable and customizable housing solutions, reducing cost, waste and time. MTC is a new form of construction methodology whereby mass timber panels are manufactured using Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and shipped to a construction site for assembling into building structures.

Kremer, P.D. and Symmons, M.A. (2015). Mass timber construction as an alternative to concrete and steel in the Australia building industry: a PESTEL evaluation of the potential. International Wood Products Journal, 6(3), pp.138–147.

In recent decades, with the steady growth of global population and rapid urbanization, innovating solutions for mass affordable housing has become a matter of increased concern. Together with the integration of digital fabrication and parametric design optimization, prefabrication with engineered timber can innovate low-carbon and customized affordable housing solutions, as a response to Industry 4.0. This research project aims to integrate computational design with digital fabrication strategies to explore the potential of Mass Timber Construction (MTC), for mass customizing in the house building industry in Australia. Utilizing advanced technologies, it intends to develop generative design solutions for low-cost housing with MTC.

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