Neil Fettling


PhD candidate

  • Neil Fettling

This work and research is based on the history and sociology of North West Victorian Mallee dry land farmers and their determination to tame a vast semi desert land. This is traced through the collection and re-interpretation of the ephemeral object (the secular relic) abandoned in the informal tips on the bed of Lake Tyrrell, then installed into a large scale monument to commemorate human aspiration.

This abundant waste, amid the bloated heritage of our post-industrial materialism, act as cultural artefacts that replace nature as signifiers of meaning and act as memory capsules to the slow displacements events of human movement caused by environmental, political and sociological change.

The objects are stripped of their original utilitarian value and purpose, and a type of aura of enigmacity, or momento mori emerges from the absence. They are ephemeral objects, representing ephemeral lives.