Selby Coxon

A study of metropolitan rail carriage interior configuration to improve boarding, alighting, passenger dispersal and dwell time stability.

PhD candidate

  • Selby Coxon

Suburban railways around the world are experiencing a rapid increase in patronage. While this is a welcome development as an alternative to road congestion, higher passenger densities, particularly during peak times of the day, have implications on train punctuality, crowding, accessibility and passenger comfort.

This research proposes an alternative train carriage design that consists of a series of innovations pertinent to Melbourne but with resonance internationally. Key features of the design such as additional doors at peak periods, improve dispersal and passenger ingress and egress. Research showed that extended dwell times due to excess passenger numbers can be reduced by three distinct rearrangements of the carriage interior. The design innovations where validated by computer crowd simulation software to establish the efficacy of the passenger flow The outcome of the modelling has shown that the concept design demonstrates a significant improvement in passenger accessibility dispersal and dwell time stability.