Xiongfeng Deng

Xiongfeng Deng

Xiongfeng Deng

Department of Design

Investigating how design can improve public trust and comfort in shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs).

A key criteria for the successful implementation of autonomous vehicles into the road fleet will be their ability to engender confidence and trust from their passengers. Small groups of mutual strangers travelling together in such vehicles devoid of an authority figure, such as a driver will also need to cultivate trust with each other. The successful orchestration of design elements to achieve this is vitally important.

Selby Coxon

Autonomous vehicles in combination with carsharing services are expected to provide inexpensive, lower-pollution on-demand services. This new type of transport is referred to as "shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs)".

Although SAVs could provide benefits to society, economy, and environment, the widespread adoption of SAVs depends on public acceptance. Overcoming the impediments to sharing in autonomous vehicles, such as a lack of trust in AV technology and discomfort in shared spaces, is crucial to improving the public acceptance of future shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs).

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