Hospital Discharge

Designing an improved hospital discharge experience.


Partner organisation

  • Monash Health

Poor discharge planning and coordination at the time of in-patient hospital discharge – or discharge to an environment of care that is not capable of meeting the patient’s medical needs – can result in inadequate medical care and lead to unplanned hospital readmissions (Alper et al., 2017). Preventing re-hospitalisation has the potential to profoundly improve both the quality of life for patients and the financial wellbeing of health care systems (Allaudeen et al., 2010).

In collaboration with our hospital partner, this project aims to design an improved discharge experience. This project focusses on improving the current discharge process and intervention methods used, such as: discharge notifcation, patient and patient family education, multidisciplinary discharge planning, scheduling a follow-up appointment, continuity of care in clinical environments etc.(Hansen et al., 2011).