Napoleon Perdis Chapel

Napoleon Perdis Chapel is a cosmetics, lifestyle and academy retail universe donned in layers of experiential staginess.



  • Charity Edwards
  • Harry Evans

A beauty brand’s new Melbourne flagship is as forward-thinking and flamboyant as its proprietor.

Sophie Tedmanson, Vogue Living

This project throws caution and perceived spatial fashions to the wind. By meshing the eclectic desires, lifestyle and dreamworlds of both the client and the practitioner into a spatial transformation of this tenancy, the interior claims a new kind of spatial practice that is not afraid to add more to retail branding and the interpretation of commercial goals. The project is not content to greenwash its sustainable credentials – materials and objects have primarily been sourced from vintage, antique and private collections already in existence. Upcycling, refashioning and big box hardware DIY strategies are privileged and at all times celebrated with equal luxury and attention to sensation as typically specified glamour retail details.

The interior advances a practice that is dedicated to wish fulfillment, material exploration and an unashamed reveal of exotic theatricality present in day-to-day life.