Future Living System

Creating a real-scale prototype apartment from a range of prefabricated and modular elements.


  • Professor Mathew Aitchison
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Rachel Couper
    Duncan Maxwell
    Ivana Kuzmanovska
    Sarah Breen Lovett
    Victor Bunster
    Monash University
  • David Tapias Monne
    The University of Sydney
  • Daryl Patterson

Partner organisation

  • Lendlease

This 80sqm prototype was developed in a collaboration with Lendlease and The Innovation in Applied Design Lab at the University of Sydney (Design Lead, David Tapias Monne).

In addition to being more sustainable, the prototype is also adaptable, meaning that future residents can take advantage of small spaces by configuring their homes based on their changing needs.

The prototype represents phase one of an ongoing research project investigating the potential of new adaptive living systems.