Future Air Travel Experience

Rethinking and redesigning the aircraft cabin to improve the passenger flying experience.

MADA futuristic domed aeroplane interior

“The passenger experience on an aircraft today is mostly seat centred. With new technology and design thinking, we can make the journey more comfortable by redesigning the cabin so that it becomes part of the flying experience as well.” – Nyein Chan Aung

Initial investigations and an exhaustive review of background information have begun to identify the environmental
factors that have the greatest influence on passenger comfort on long-haul flights. By considering lighting, noise, temperature and air quality, along with social and behavioural needs in the design of new interior spaces, passengers will experience an improved physiological and cognitive state while on board.

Subsequent work will develop both digital and physical concept models that will enable Health Collab to undertake rigorous experimentation and evaluation, resulting in implementation-ready concepts for future aircraft cabin design.

Professor Mark Armstrong (Health Collab)
Nyein Chan Aung (MADA PhD Candidate)

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