Inspired by Singapore – Co-Design for Healthy Ageing

A cross cultural, multidisciplinary study tour exploring design for healthy ageing in Singapore.

“This New Colombo program opened the eyes and minds of nursing and design students from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong through a co-designed project creating solutions for healthy ageing that could have application around the world.” – Professor Daphne Flynn

This co-design project engaged with each student’s capacity for empathy in the process of designing solutions for healthy ageing that could address the needs of this growing population around the world.

40 Nursing and Design students from Australia collaborated with 60 of their counterparts from Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong and elders in different living and care circumstances in Singapore exploring design for healthy ageing.

Professor Lisa Scharoun
Professor Daphne Flynn
Associate Professor Danny Hills
Assistant Professor Raghavendra Gudar

Funded by
The New Colombo Program

Lead organisation
Monash University