We have strong links to national and international research and commercial, government and industry organisations. We have dedicated facilities for rapid prototyping, with both small and large-scale capabilities, which allow us to design targeted products and applications with demonstrable commercial potential.

The team at the Design Health Collab has been integral in developing many applications in MedTech, smart wearables, nearables, and designing digital health platforms, with emerging activities in biosensors, remote sensing and translational design.

Some of our innovations include:

  • the Blundstone smart shoe for healthcare workers,
  • light sensing devices supporting research into circadian rhythm,
  • a data-driven, hospital-based hand hygiene system,
  • an ambulance-based CT brain scanner with Micro-X,
  • Bionic Eye headgear for Monash Vision Group, and
  • a range charging device for Cochlear.