Sydney Laneways

This project with the City of Sydney focuses on the reinterpretation of six fire exit or back doors sited in two laneways in central Sydney. Drawing on a range of pattern expressed in various places across the city, these redesigns map our unconscious perceptions of space. In one doorway a luxurious Victorian floor tile pattern surrounds the door opening, describing strangely an aerial view and also repositioning the neglected back door as an opulent entrance. In other doorways a patterning is used that is under threat of being lost forever (the Sirius apartment complex carpet) and so its reconstruction around a laneway door enacts a type of urban archaeology, preserving it. With all these options there is a strange echoing of other places, of familiar fragments that underscore the idea that cities can never be known fully as maps and satellite views would have you believe, but rather they come in and out of focus at the street level, constantly changing and being discovered anew both during the day and at night.

Team members

Andre Bonnice

Callum Morton

Under construction

In through the out Door, 2018-19