Live, Drive, Ride like a local

Improving road sharing in the Alpine Shire through human stories.


  • Dr Robbie Napper
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Dr Marilyn Johnson
    Monash University (Engineering) and Amy Gillett Foundation
  • Dr Vanessa Johnson
    RMIT (Law)

Partner organisations

  • Alpine Shire
  • Amy Gillett Foundation
  • TAC

Funded by

  • TAC Community Road Safety Grant
  • Alpine Shire
  • Amy Gillett Foundation

Through primary research this project discovered that recognising people who ride bikes as individuals, rather than “cyclists” improves road user attitudes towards sharing the road. We also discovered the value of a simple hand gesture.

Dr Robbie Napper

This project discovered dozens of insights into road sharing in the Alpine Shire, examining the attitudes and values of locals and visitors using all types of vehicles.

Key outcomes from the research which translated directly into the safety campaign were the finding that most people who ride bicycles in the Alpine Shire also drive motor vehicles; and that hand gestures especially waving a greeting reinforce the community spirit of the Alpine Shire and are a great behaviour to encourage sharing the road.

Learn more at the campaign website.